Thursday, July 2, 2009

Virgin Mobile launches Data Services

Virgin Mobile India, a joint venture between Virgin Group and Tata Teleservices, today announced its foray into the data segment with the launch of its USB modem 'vLink' priced at Rs 2,100.

The device, vLink, is a CDMA USB modem offering one GB data storage priced at Rs 2,100, Virgin Mobile India said in a statement.

"vLink comes with a starter kit... Which includes free unlimited promo data usage time of 30 days. We have launched two tariff plans — Rs 801 per month (for unlimited data usage) and Rs 349 per month (with a facility of balance roll over to next month)," Virgin Mobile India Chief Officer (Handset, VAS and Procurement) Deval Parikh said.

The second plan has a rate of 25 paise per minute (between 8 am-10 pm) and 13 paise per minute (between 10 pm-8 am), he added.

"vLink will offer instant connectivity on the move to the style conscious youth, be it students, professionals, SMBs or SOHOs...It is a carry-along device that will allow users to access internet anywhere as well as store their music, photos, videos etc," Virgin Mobile India Chief Executive Officer M A Madhusudan said.

The statement added that India has a total internet user base of 49.40 million, of which net users 'under 25' years of age account for 52 per cent.

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