Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Virgin Mobile Introduces vCare

Yet another innovative and funky application has been launched by Virgin Mobile. vCare - The World's First Voice, Text and SMS based Self-help Application being brought by Virgin Mobile for all its customer across India. With vCare one will be able to quickly surf through his/her balance in including free sms counts and free minutes. Not only that it also gives the convenience to check out the latest offers from VMI (pan India basis), finding out the nearest retailer selling Virgin top-ups and recharges. It also helps an user to search for his/her favorite Tring Tune and set it for his/her callers. Wait… there’s more in the bag to offer. Here it is bit by exciting bit : Every time one completes a transaction on vCare, he/she automatically enters the lucky draw and stands a chance to Win a Free ipod, Swatch Watches & T-shirts. Cool huh..?


Balance Information

*Main Balance
*Get Paid For Incoming Credit – Daily & MTD
*Free Minutes
*Free SMS count


*Tring Tune activation & song change
*WAP, Ringtone, Wallpaper & Games – Process & Charges

Special Offers

*Top national offers – PAN India

Locate Virgin Mobile Stores?

*Find a Shop Selling Virgin Mobile Phones & Recharges

To use vCare all one has to do is punch in his/her details in here and download the application on their handset.
From your Phone:
Downloading vCare is super simple. All you gotta do is:

*Go to Games & Applications
*Go to Mobile Shop
*Press Catalog which will open up the ‘vCare Portal’
*Select & download it
*Tada! vCare @ your fingertips!

To use vCare:

*Click to select any one of the options you want info on
*The info will be displayed on the screen of your Virgin Mobile handset
*You will also be able to hear it (its magic!) & you’ll get an SMS about the info too

So go get your fingers busy.

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